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SIMOTICS SD (Severe Duty)

Electric motors with a cast-iron frame

The most popular design of squirrel-cage induction motors in a cast-iron body for demanding use in a safe (explosion-free or ignition-free) environment, in a variety of industrial applications (such as conveyors, hoists, blowers, simple machine tools, pumps, fans, etc.).
Available in sizes 71-315.

Cast-iron motors produced by Siemens are split into two categories:

  • Standard Line
    • 1LE15/1LE55 series electric motors with basic equipment (standard bearings, plastic fan cover, standard paint, etc.)
    • 12-month guarantee
  • Performace Line
    • 1LE16/1LE56 series electric motors with premium equipment: reinforced bearings with lubrication in most sizes, thicker and more durable paint, metal fan cover, anti-condensation holes with special valve, 3 x PTC winding thermal protection in the price
    • 36-month guarantee


  • broad configuration options
    • installation of modular superstructures (electromagnetic brakes, ventilation units, IR, thermal protection, etc.)
    • various mechanical designs (possible modifications of the shaft shape, various positions of the terminal boxes, various bearing designs, etc.)
  • high durability, suitable for demanding working conditions
  • extended guarantee period for the 1LE16/1LE56 series
  • available up to 500 kW (this will rise further in the future)
  • also available in higher power version
  • can be purchased and configured in our e-shop


  • more expensive
  • heavier

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