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These, the latest Siemens inverters, are gradually replacing the Micromaster 4xx converters. They are available in several versions. 

Sinamics G110

Simple single-phase inverters up to 3 kW. The new concept of a split into analogue and USS versions makes it possible to achieve much lower prices while maintaining user convenience and ease of function.

Key features:

  • the analogue version is permanently in stock
  • the G110 series replaces Micromaster 410. In the vast majority of cases, it can be used as a seamless replacement for Micromaster 420 single-phase inverters
  • their features make them the number-one choice for customers who require a high-quality fully programmable inverter for simple, low-power applications
  • G110 inverters can be purchased in our e-shop

Sinamics G120

The G120 series is the successor to the still-available, highly popular Micromaster 440 inverters. The modular concept allows users to combine several control unit and power module versions from the range on offer to create a cost-effective, optimised solution in line with their needs.
Naturally, there is also the option of vector control with or without feedback.

  • modular concept – the separation of the power and control unit allows users to choose a configuration suited to their needs
  • the possibility of recuperation (returning energy to the grid) results in significant energy savings and eliminates the need for mains chokes and braking resistors
  • wide range of PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, RS485/USS, RS232/USS communication interfaces
  • Safety Integrated components are available, with features in keeping with EN954-1 Cat. 3 and IEC61508 SIL2 (SS1, SLS, SBC, STO)
  • both VC and SLVC (vector modes with speed feedback and without feedback) are available for selected control units

Sinamics G120C

A brand new range of cost-effective compact inverters with three-phase power supply, with the availability of both simple and vector control (without feedback), braking resistor connection and integrated STO safety feature. Available in three design sizes, for power ranges from 0.55 to 18.5 kW.

The G120C series is the successor to the still-available Micromaster 420 inverters, and offers a host of additional advantages.

Key features:

  • unlimited side-by-side mounting possibilities
  • integrated STO safety feature
  • USB interface
  • braking resistors can be connected
  • vector control without feedback, etc.

Other features:

  • less space required, side-by-side mounting without the need for “derating”, good power-to-size ratio, can also be used in small switchboards near the machinery
  • for environments up to +60 °C, coated printed circuit boards
  • ECO features for economical operation, including power consumption meter
  • simple installation thanks to the removable power and control terminals
  • G120C inverters are currently only available with a three-phase input power supply


  • works with new-generation operator panels (BOP-2 and IOP), making it easy to clone parameters between inverters
  • integrated USB port for easy PC connection (works with ordinary USB cables)
  • safety integrated inputs with STO (Safe Torque Off) are available
  • integrated communication interface for USS, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS DP, CAN
  • SD card slot

Sinamics G120P

New range of modular inverters with three-phase power supply, specialising in pump and fan drives. It has a number of specialised features that can be used in ventilation equipment, liquid pumping, and compressor drive. High degree of protection for installation away from the switchboard. Power range from 0.37 to 90 kW. The G120P series is the successor to the still-available Micromaster 430 inverters.

Key features:

  • a configurable inverter consisting of a control unit (CU), power module (PM) and, optionally, control panel
  • smooth operation up to an ambient temperature of +60 °C
  • maximum energy saving features – ECO mode with current regulation, hibernation at low speeds and bypass at rated frequency
  • works with new-generation operator panels (BOP-2 and IOP), making it easy to clone parameters between inverters
  • built-in reduction of harmonic distortion in accordance with the relevant standards allows the inverter to be installed without input chokes
  • high degree of protection – IP55 without operator panel, IP54 with operator panel installed
  • special pump and fan drive features


  • integrated USB port for easy PC connection (works with ordinary USB cables)
  • communication interface for USS, Modbus RTU, BacNet MS/TP, PROFIBUS DP, CANopen
  • SD card slot

Other inverter versions

The following versions are also available in the Sinamics product line:

  • Sinamics G110D and Sinamics G120D
    • special series with IP65 protection, especially for the conveyor drive
  • Sinamics G130
    • special series for pump, fan, extruder and turbocharger drives with high outputs from 110 kW to 560 kW
  • Sinamics G150
    • a series of inverters for high outputs ranging from 110 kW to 1,500 kW
  • Sinamics S110
    • frequency inverters up to 90 kW for dynamically demanding uniaxial applications and positioning
  • Sinamics S120
    • this modular frequency inverter for demanding drive applications, especially motion control on production machinery, has been designed for the highly dynamic positioning and synchronisation of multiple axes. It is the successor to the popular Simovert Masterdrive
  • Sinamics S150
    • cabinet drive for high-performance applications that also require high dynamics, speed control accuracy, or frequent braking cycles recuperating a lot of energy for the grid

These series are available on request only.

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