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Spare parts

  • we offer spare parts for all series of Siemens electric motors and, to a limited extent, for motors produced by MEZ and ELK Motors
  • we keep the most frequently sold parts for the Siemens 1LA7, 1LA6, 1LF7, 1LA9, 1LG4 and 1LG6 electric motors in stock, and many of them can be purchased online in our e-shop
  • standard spare parts include flanges, bearing shields and bearings, feet, terminal box components, fans, covers, seals, etc.

Modular superstructures

  • our e-shop also offers modular superstructures used for Siemens electric motors
  • standard superstructures include electromagnetic spring-loaded brakes, ventilation units (forced or independent cooling), rotary pulse encoders (IRC) and various types of temperature protection (PTC thermistors, thermo-time switches, KTY and PT100 sensors, etc.)
  • the most commonly sold superstructures are in stock and available immediately

Although these superstructures can be supplied on their own, we recommend installation by our technicians, as this is the only way we can guarantee that the resulting configuration will work.

Did you know...?

We also offer certain non-standard parts, such as a complete rotor, shields and flanges for other bearing configurations, spare brake parts, and more. We can draw up offers on request.

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