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Drive distribution

  • distribution in the Czech Republic and abroad
  • consulting, servicing, maintenance 

We distribute industrial drives in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a Siemens Solution Partner, we have access to industry-leading technology and standards, and we hold qualified authorisations to customise all types of electric motors. Substantial stocks and a wealth of experience in the field enable us to offer fast delivery and assistance in finding the solution best suited to your needs.

Solutions tailored to your needs

  • specialists with many years’ experience of industrial drives
  • half of orders from all over the world are processed within a day

By tapping into our years of industry experience and flawless knowledge of electric motors available on the domestic and international markets, we can recommend a solution that fits in neatly with your requirements and capacities.

What do we offer?

We specialise in a whole range of products to help get your production operations moving. 

More specifically:

  • electric motors of various types and designs
    (focusing on low- and high-voltage squirrel-cage motors)
  • compact and industrial gearboxes and shaft couplings
  • motion control components, especially frequency inverters
  • automation components (PLC)
  • low-voltage switching and protection technology
  • process instrumentation

What underpins our work and cooperation?

  • a family business in nature, a 100% professional outfit in approach
  • speed, quality, expertise
  • ISO 9001
  • Siemens Solution Partner
  • AA Class according to our Czech Stability Award
Although you can count how many employees we have on your fingers and toes, we remain committed to a professional approach. Candour, togetherness and reliability are qualities that we also advocate in our dealings with clients.

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Siemens Solution Partner

  • regularly trained specialists
  • guaranteed electric motor adjustments and modifications
  • shorter delivery times for Siemens electric motors (by up to several weeks)  
We have been defending our membership in the prestigious Siemens Solution Partner club every year since 2004. We have received the Siemens Approved Partner membership in 2019.
Siemens certification and membership of this club are your guarantees that our specialists are able to apply their knowledge both in theory and in specific applications and modifications of Siemens products. 
Under the SIMOLOG programme, we are authorised to carry out customised electric motor modifications. 

More about Siemens partner network can be found here.

We are at the heart of events

  • the largest European electric motor production plant a stone’s throw away
  • our modern building and warehouse was awarded a special mention in the Olomouc Region Industrial Building of the Year 2008 contest
Our headquarters are in Mohelnice, just 300 m away from the largest European factory making Siemens electric motors. This means we have excellent access to the knowledge and experience of the top experts in electric motor technology.