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SIMOTICS GP (General Purpose)

Electric motors with an aluminium frame

The most popular design of electric motor for all types of conventional applications, for general use in a safe (explosion-free or ignition-free) environment, in a variety of industrial and domestic applications (conveyors, hoists, blowers, simple machine tools, pumps, fans, etc.). 
Available in sizes 63-200.

Low voltage squirrel-cage motors overview


  • lowest price
  • excellent power-to-weight ratio
  • broad configuration options
    • installation of modular superstructures (electromagnetic brakes, ventilation units, IR, thermal protection, etc.)
    • various mechanical designs (possible modifications of the shaft shape, various positions of the terminal boxes, various bearing designs, etc.)
  • standardised dimensions to ensure compatibility with other brands’ products
  • also available in higher power version
  • excellent availability (the most common power levels are in stock)


  • less resilience
  • unsuitable for a demanding environment
  • available only up to an axial height of 200 (max. 37 kW)