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We will be happy to help you to find a replacement for your older drive.

If your original drive is MEZ/Siemens/Flender/Loher

  • email us a photograph of the nameplate
  • if this is not possible, at least copy the full type designation and serial number
  • production plants have databases keeping records of the configurations and orders of serial numbers. They can break down the configuration for us so that we are able to offer a truly matching drive

If your original drive is another brand

  • we need to know as much information as possible about the original drive
    • please send us detailed photos of the labels of the components you wish to replace, as well as an overview of the device
    • if you cannot send photos, any drive-related documentation that you own (e.g. dimensional drawings, data and technical sheets, etc.) will also help us
  • it is important not to forget to state the requirements concerning the working environment, explosion protection and special equipment (such as engine extensions – brakes, temperature protection, etc.)