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Delivery of goods in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

  • goods are transported throughout the Czech Republic via PPL and DHL;
  • discount transport prices (subsidised by our company) are always charged as part of the invoice for the goods. In other words, you don’t have to worry that the carrier will want payment for transportation at the point of delivery;
  • we usually ship the goods in the manufacturer’s original packaging, or we package them ourselves to a high quality;
  • delivery range: any address in the Czech Republic and Slovakia (the carrier requires the details of a contact person and a telephone number);
  • delivery days: Monday to Friday; weekend delivery on request
  • delivery time: usually the day after dispatch

    You can opt for express delivery via PPL, which comes with a surcharge – delivery by 10 AM on the next working day.

    Worldwide shipping

    K-Drives has long-term experience of exporting around the world. We offer our customers virtually all common types of international transport, including road, sea, air and rail.
    We have our own equipment for secure overseas packaging. We can arrange for packaging in certified overseas crates or certified vacuum plastic packaging.

    Whether you need to send a light package or a full shipping container, we will find the right solution for you and we will arrange for the quality packaging and security of products for transportation.

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    Personal pickup

    • ordered products can be picked up at our headquarters at K-Drives a.s., Družstevní 1200/20, 789 85 Mohelnice
    • we have the handling equipment required to load products in all sorts of vehicles of various heights (from vans to lorries)
    • we reserve the right to refuse to load products into unsuitable vehicles if there is a risk of damage to the vehicle during loading and handling, or if we expect problems to arise during subsequent transportation

    Shipping and handling charges

    • we only bill a dispatch charge for domestic shipments, which depends on the weight of the shipment. It is usually far below the actual shipping costs charged by the carrier
    • apart from the dispatch charge and, where applicable, an express charge if customers order express delivery, we do not bill any additional charges for ground transport services (packing, charges for cash on delivery, etc.)
    • all standard packaging materials, including pallets, are free of charge and can only be returned to our address free of charge (no refund for the return of packaging will be credited)
    • special packaging methods (overseas packaging etc.) are charged to the customer at a pre-agreed amount. Packaging quotes are only available for items with known dimensions, weights and specific packaging requirements.


    1. When taking receipt of a shipment, always check the condition of the goods (not just the state of the packaging).
    2. If you notice any damage, draw up a damage report with the carrier and have the driver sign it.
    3. The driver should be fully cooperative in this situation. Please contact us if you encounter any other difficulties.

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