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Something not working the way it should? Despite the low number of complaints that we handle over the year, mistakes may happen and a product may not perform as it should. Contact us and we will make sure your problem is resolved. 


  • if you have a problem with a product that you have purchased from us, or if a product does not meet your expectations, please contact Martina Kristenová
    • e:
    • t: + 420 583 430 023
  • for Siemens products operated in a country other than the Czech Republic, please contact an authorised Siemens service partner in that country
  • for more details, please refer to our Claims Procedure

I wish to complain about a defective part

Servicing and maintenance

  • request us directly for the post-warranty servicing of electric motors and warranty and post-warranty servicing of MOTOX and CAVEX electric gearboxes
  • we offer winding shop services, repairs of damaged mechanical parts of electric motors and gearboxes, and more
  • please feel free to contact us if you have a problem installing our products or putting them into operation


contact support

Siemens central support

  • first aid
    • toll-free line 800 122 552
  • information database on Siemens products, including FAQs: here
  • complete information databases on Siemens products: here

contact Siemens support

Want help choosing or repairing a product?

We will be glad to help you to make your choice. We will draw up an offer, provide documentation (technical data sheets, catalogues, operating instructions, dimensional drawings, copies of certificate, etc.), but we need a little information from you beforehand. Please select the area that your enquiry concerns:

Need help to modify a motor?

Do you have a working engine and need advice on how to make a minor modification? We will be pleased to provide you with advice.

Need help?

Can’t find a suitable electric motor? Not sure what system to choose for your production operations? Get in touch with us. Thanks to our long-term experience in industrial drives, we are able to design a tailored product. What do you need to know?