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Information on delivery dates in the e-shop is intended to be indicative and defines only the regular (not guaranteed) availability of merchandise.

We are prepared to run a quick check on the actual availability of goods and stocks (our own and stocks at the shipping warehouses of our suppliers) if you make a telephone or email enquiry.

Our warehouse in the Czech Republic is not only one of the largest, but also one of the most comprehensive in terms of the range kept here. We have a long-standing tradition of dealing with incoming orders immediately – solid performance in the field of industrial drives, where we process thousands of transactions.

1. Why do delivery times vary?

Because, in addition to run-of-the-mill items, we have a host of superstructures and components for the customisation of the products on offer ready for immediate delivery/assembly. We are able to come up with a configuration in an extremely short time (often within hours), when it would take several weeks for other vendors and even the manufacturers themselves.

2. So why are delivery times listed for items in the e-shop?

The delivery times in the e-shop are only intended to be indicative, but do serve as a reasonable guide when you are choosing goods.

If you need to check the delivery time more accurately, please call us. Alternatively, place items in a basket in the e-shop, but select “send as request” when submitting it. We will then respond initially by indicating the availability. After that, you can easily change your enquiry to a “live” order.

3. And why are delivery times in the e-shop only indicative?

The reason is simple – most of the items offered here are largely configurable (for example, any standard electric motor, which you can configure with a brake, rotary sensor, or a non-standard voltage).  

For products that are to be configured, the system would need to be able to track not only the warehouse status and availability of all the components required to build the configuration (down to the last screw), but also the spare capacity of our specialists.

The configuration would then form the basis for the dynamic generation of an actual delivery time. This is why, both for any configuration component and for basic products, default delivery times are systematically preset, and we always try to keep to them while accommodating your needs to the full.

Did you know...?

We can cover most of your requirements with our own stock. We also traditionally manage to handle approximately 70% of incoming orders immediately.