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Sinamics V20

Sinamics V frequency inverters are the latest series of simple Siemens drives. Quick installation, compact dimensions, easy commissioning, and exceptionally good value for money make them the ideal choice for a wide range of common applications. The optional Wi-Fi module allows you to connect to an internal web server so you can easily configure and display the drive status.

Versions with or without a built-in EMC filter and in two voltages are available:

  • 1AC230 V power supply and ouput of 0.12 to 3 kW
  • 3AC400 V power supply and ouput of 0.37 to 30 kW


Sinamics V20 is a universal drive for a wide range of applications, such as:

  • centrifugal pumps
  • radial and axial fans
  • compressors
  • belt, roller and chain conveyors
  • mills, agitators, crushers, centrifuges, textile machinery
  • and many other uniaxial applications


  • braking resistors and choppers
  • input and output chokes
  • external operator panel, and a kit to mount the panel on a switchboard door
  • external SD card reader
  • external interference suppression filters


Equipment and features:

  • built-in operator panel
  • control methods: standard U/f and U2/f, economical ECO, FCC dynamic control, multi-point characteristics
  • “keep running mode” for continuous operation
  • power-saving hibernation mode
  • cascade pump control, burst pulse, anti-condensation and antifreeze function
  • broken belt detection for conveyors
  • PID controller with auto-tuning for optimised automatic control, depending on the value required (pressure, temperature, mass, flow, etc.)
  • control of electromagnetic motor braking
  • integrated interference filter available
  • special pump control features
  • integrated braking module from 7.5 kW upwards
  • optional Wi-Fi module with built-in web server for easy configuration and display of the status

Other advantages:

  • factory default settings for application macros and single-click input and output configuration macros
  • ECO mode to minimise power consumption and provide informative savings measurements
  • the DC units of two inverters can be interconnected
  • backup and recovery option (SD card)
  • compact design
  • advanced cooling design and coated printed circuit boards
  • also available in with push-through mounting for a cooler outside the switchboard cabinet
  • option of side-by-side mounting without spacing
  • low price
  • fast accessibility