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D2Drives s.r.o.
Družstevní 1200/20
789 85 Mohelnice
registration number: 41031130, VAT number: CZ41031130 

1. General
This Claims Procedure has been drawn up in accordance with applicable laws and applies to goods purchased from D2Drives s.r.o. in respect of which claims are made during the guarantee period. The conditions of claims proceedings are also covered by the D2Drives s.r.o. General Terms and Conditions. A key document for claims is proof of purchase (invoice, delivery note) or a guarantee certificate.

2. Guarantee conditions
The vendor provides a quality guarantee for selected goods, under which the vendor assumes the obligation that the delivered goods will be fit for purpose over a specified period of time.The guarantee period is stated in the delivery note / guarantee certificate for each item in months; if no period is specified, the vendor provides a twelve-month guarantee. The guarantee period commences on receipt of the goods. The guarantee period is extended by the time it takes to fix any defects or exchange goods. These facts are listed in the Claim Report.
The guarantee covers material defects, functional defects, and manufacturing defects.

3. The guarantee does not apply (the right to exercise the guarantee lapses):

    • to defects caused by incorrect and improper operation (installation), or inappropriate handling and use;
    • to consumables whose lifetime is determined by the nature of the goods;
    • upon use of incorrect accessories, fuses, or incorrect consumables;
    • upon use of goods in conditions inconsistent with the intended environment;
    • if products are plugged into an electrical network that does not meet their technical specifications;
    • after unauthorised interference with (modification of) the goods without the vendor’s prior written permission;
    • to damage resulting from natural disaster, violent damage, weather;
    • if the security seals, guarantee labels or serial number labels have been broken or damaged;
    • we do not guarantee that the components selected and purchased by the customer are compatible with other products; therefore, as a matter of principle we do not offer exchanges;
    • if goods are damaged during transportation (this needs to be resolved on the spot with the carrier – see the General Terms and Conditions);
    • if goods are labelled at the time of sale as used or without guarantee.

    4. Filing a claim

    Only the buyer specified in the delivery note / guarantee certificate / invoice may exercise a guarantee. A guarantee cannot be transferred to a third party. The buyer delivers the goods that are being claimed to the vendor’s address at the buyer’s own expense and risk. If the following conditions are met by the buyer:
    • production of the original (a copy) of the invoice, delivery note, cash receipt or guarantee certificate in which the claimed goods are stated and agreed;
    • the goods are complete, including manuals, documents, cables and other accessories;
    • a description of the defect for each part and the frequency of occurrence is attached; 
    • the vendor will draw up a Claim Report containing the serial number of the claim.

    If the buyer fails to comply with any of the above conditions, additional conditions for acceptance of the claim may be agreed upon by the vendor and the buyer. The date of receipt of a claim is accepted as the date of fulfilment of all of the above conditions by the buyer or the date of the written agreement between the two parties. Please send claims to the D2Drives sales department at Olomoucká 33, 78985 Mohelnice.


    5. Handling a claim
    The vendor endeavours to process complaints as quickly as possible by repairing or exchanging defective goods. The vendor reserves the right to replace claimed goods with other goods with the same functional parameters, so that the time it takes to process the claim is as short as possible, in which respect the guarantee is extended by the duration of the claim. Settled claims will be sent to the buyer by carrier or post, or will be prepared for personal pickup at the vendor’s establishment, as indicated in the Claim Report. Due to the nature of the products supplied, D2Drives promptly forwards claimed products to the relevant product manufacturers’ departments or to manufacturer-authorised guarantee service centres for claims to be processed. The results of the claims procedure held by the manufacturer or an authorised service centre (and documented in the Claim Report of the manufacturer / service centre) are considered binding.


    6. Supply of replacement product

    In some cases and for some groups of goods (in particular MotionControl and Automation products – frequency converters and automation components), Siemens initially handles claims by supplying a replacement product (a product with the same type designation). The replacement product always remains with the customer, and if the claim is rejected in the review (customer fault), the replacement product is charged to the customer. If a claim is recognised, the replacement product is left with the customer free of charge. Ownership of the defective (claimed) product always passes to Siemens. The customer has the right to refuse to a claim result in this form when filing the claim. After a replacement product has been delivered, this approach can no longer be rejected.


    The vendor reserves the right to change this Claims Procedure.



      You can download the D2Drives Claims Procedure below.

      Claims Procedure