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We will be glad to help you to make your choice. We will draw up an offer, provide documentation (technical data sheets, catalogues, operating instructions, dimensional drawings, copies of certificate, etc.).

New drive or component

To find what you’re after, we need to know at least the following basic requirements regarding the drive properties. While it is not always necessary to know all of the features listed below, detailed specifications when you make an enquiry will always significantly reduce the risk of misunderstanding and errors when we propose a drive for you.

Electric motors

  • output
  • speed (or speed range if you require inverter control)
  • voltage
  • motor shape (footing, flanged – in which case we need to know the flange size required, combined, etc.)
  • working environment and motor protection (especially for motors in an environment where there is a risk of explosion or ignition, for tropical areas, higher ambient temperatures, aggressive environments, etc.)
  • possible requirements for additional equipment (thermal protection of windings or bearings, bearings for increased radial load, brake, IRC, independent cooling, equipment for operation with a frequency converter, etc.)


  • required motor output or output torque
  • required output speed (constant or a range for inverter control)
  • type of device driven (e.g. agitators, conveyor, machine tool, etc.)
  • output shaft design requirements (hollow or solid, single- or double-sided, output on the motor axis or at a right angle to the motor axis, etc.)
  • drive clamping – feet, flange, torque arm, etc.
  • working position (horizontal, vertical, other)
  • any other requirements (explosion protection, increased radial or axial shaft load, drive protection for aggressive environments, etc.)

Frequency inverters

  • output (or rated current/voltage)
  • motor design
  • output speed range and rated motor speed required
  • type of device driven (e.g. agitators, conveyor, machine tool, etc.)
  • power supply of the motor/inverter
  • drive control method (manual or control system via Profibus, USS and other communication interfaces, etc.)
  • EMC suppression requirements (inverter with or without a filter etc.)
  • requirements concerning other accessories (network or motor chokes, braking resistors, communication interfaces, etc.)
  • any other requirements (special management methods, number or characteristics controlling inputs/outputs, etc.)


Switching and starting technology

  • type of component required
  • requirements concerning electrical and power parameters
  • design requirements (inputs/outputs, auxiliary contacts, protection, etc.)