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We offer stand-alone gearboxes or compact gearbox designs (electric gearboxes):

electric gearboxes

These consist of an electric motor integrated with the gearbox (the first gear is directly on the motor’s output shaft) or a separate gearbox for connection to a standard design engine (IEC) or other powertrain.
Output torques up to 20,000 Nm / 55 kW of engine power.

industrial gearboxes

These are high-quality gearboxes for demanding industrial applications up to 2,600,000 Nm. There are no end of solutions developed specifically according to the requirements of specific applications, such as various types of conveyors, mixers, and cooling towers.

Thanks to the enormous amount of configuration possibilities, the gearboxes cannot be purchased directly in our e-shop, but we will be happy to draw up an offer for you.

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Did you know...?

Power solutions ranging from tens of watts to thousands of kilowatts are available, including high-end applications, explosion-proof machinery, and more.

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