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Notification to partners regarding our name change from KVELB s.r.o. to D2Drives

Dear Business Partners,

We marked the 26th anniversary of the foundation of KVELB on 21 November 2017.

In that time, we have come a long way together and we are confident that our cooperation has always echoed our aspiration to be a reliable partner and to provide services at the utmost levels of quality and expertise.

Our journey is not yet at an end. Far from it, we intend to keep progressing along the same path.

In order to achieve this at a time when our small family business has transformed into a formidable player on the domestic market and a leading exporter, we have decided to gain fresh impetus by entering into a completely new strategic partnership.

We are pleased to inform you, in this light, that we are embarking on a new era in our history under the wings of the fledgling engineering group D2G. A group dedicated to the vision of forming a symbiotic and compact cluster of companies with international reach. We are joining forces to establish a leading position on the industrial automation and engineering market. Our goal is to meet the diverse needs of our customers in Europe and across the world.

The change, which includes the transfer of a 100% shareholding to D2G a.s., sees KVELB s.r.o. change its name to D2Drives s.r.o. Alongside another two major companies with long established traditions, but new names (D2Automation – formerly Deimos, and D2Manufacturing – formerly OK NAVY), we are standing on the cusp of a new journey together.

There will be no major upheaval in business and professional operations for us as a traditional distributor of industrial propulsion systems and a SIEMENS Solution Partner. Future development will focus on maintaining and strengthening our position as the most significant distributor of this brand while offering customers new alternatives and opportunities.

I, David Hél, remain the company's sole managing director, my father and the company's founder Jaroslav Hél having relinquished his active role in the company a while ago.

Feeding into the power behind D2G gives us access to a new, broader range of resources and know-how. As part of the group, we will soon be providing much more comprehensive and sophisticated services. Switching to centralised management in various areas of administration will free our hands to do what we know best – design and deliver industrial drive solutions.

The synergy of present and future group members will offer new opportunities to our suppliers and a new standard and scope of services to our customers.

We thank you for your custom in the past and invite you to join us in our new era under the wings of D2G.

David Hél, Managing Director, D2Drives s.r.o.